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Here is the deal...

Yeah, yeah, I've been listed on FOX, Forbes, CNN all these news outlets, and on top of that, I wear a suit right..., guess what, I wore it just for the photoshoot for this website, so I look fancy 😁. I am not someone special, people often say they started from the bottom, well I started below that lol... As before I started my multiple businesses in the online and digital marketing sector I first had to learn to speak English.... Yes, in 2011, I couldn't even spell my name, yet 9 years later, with a lot of hard work and dedication (and 2 full years of English school in Las Vegas), I am a proud owner of multiple online businesses and an extremely lucky employer as I have the best team in the world...

I own a couple of brands, we do affiliate marketing and e-commerce and I also do coaching (you will see the trainings below, and NO they are not $997 or $5k, I don't do any webinars or high ticket sales).

*FUN FACT* My first online business was a shampoo company, but I didn't have any suppliers, so I had to prepare each bottle of shampoo in my basement by hand (You could say it's handmade :). I covered my entire basement with white nylons, to be more sterile and it looked like a mad lab from a Hollywood action movie. One day my mom came downstairs she saw my "LAB" and screamed at me: - "What the heck!!!” “Are you cooking drugs down here?”

Imagine the struggle I had explaining to mom that I am just making shampoo...

I Am Kinda Lazy...

Yes, I am kind of lazy, but that's not always a bad thing, as at the same time, I still want to grow my business even further, I want to scale my campaigns, I want to get a better return on my investment, etc. So, what do I do, how do I handle my laziness with the desire to make more money every day?


I just find a faster and smarter way to do the same job. This Is what I am actually best off, taking complex ideas and simplifying them in an easy concise way, so even your grandma can understand and know what to do within seconds of watching the instructional videos.

By the way take a guess how long did it take me to create this website?😁


1 day, well with the food breaks and, some time wasted on youtube of course lol

And this is what you are going to learn if you sing up for some of my online trainings. I will break down complicated processes into easy to digest steps, so you can duplicated them (now I am not saying you will be able to build a website in one day or create a business in 24 hours, right after you sign up, what I am saying is that I will give you the key, you just have to unlock the door with it, and step inside ).


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